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    Dear colleagues,

    We hope your are healty and safe.

    Peace, safety and health of the conference participants is our main concern, including of course the high quality of conference service to participants, which we want to provide. 

    The international conferences, workshops, and meetings represent special occasions, where people can meet in-person, strenthen their friendship, establish new relations and networks, in the relaxing and creative atmosphere. We beleive the online meetings cannot provide such a service nor can provide the adequate quality of the meeting and its results, which we aim at.

    Due to the war in Ukraine, the political tensions in the neighborhood and in the World, and of course the still existing pandemy, we unfortunately must cancel the IIR International Conference THERMAG10.

    We thank the community, authors, and invited speakers for efforts, and understanding of the situation.

    Stay safe and healty,
    Sincerely Yours,

    Organising Committee of the IIR Thermag10

    Venue of THERMAG X 2022: Cankarjev dom, Cultural and Congress Centre, Prešernova 10, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

    The venue of the congress is the Cultural and Congress Centre, Cankarjev Dom, located in the very center of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. 

    To find out more about the wide range of services and references, visit